2017 Charlottesville Classical Guitar Festival & Competition


Registration Form (please, print)




Name _________________________________________________________Age ____


Address ________________________________________________________________


City ______________________________State or Country _______________________


Zip Code ______________†† †††††††††††† Phone _____________________


Email __________________________________________________________________


Will you be participating in the guitar competition?Yes ________†††† No ________


If yes, please, choose:†† Adult level (+18) ________Youth Level (up to 17) ________


If a minor, parentís or guardianís name and signature:



Composer of the music youíll be playing ________________________________


Music title (up to 5 minutes of music allowed) ____________________________





Note: Competitors are required to play in the guitar orchestra.


Please, send this form to:††††††† Rafael Scarfullery, email: scarfulleryguitar@gmail.com


Deadline Registration: Thursday, September 7, 2017. To register for the competition, just register for the full festival registration ($60 fee), payable through Paypal.com in the guitar festival website.


If you have any questions, please, contact Rafael Scarfullery at the email provided above or at 434-851-0674.