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Guitar Festival at The Haven

Charlottesville Classical
Guitar Concert Series

Come to enjoy classical guitar music every month in Charlottesville. 

Calendar 2017-2018

Venue for all concertsThe Haven, 112 Market Street, Charlottesville, Virginia. The guitar sounds magical in this venue. 
Date: Every 1st Thursday of the month (Except in January and September because we'll hold the 2017 Charlottesville Classical Guitar Festival & Competition on Saturday, September 9, 2017).
Suggested donation at the door per person: $10 (If you are able)
Program: The purpose of these concerts is to regularly feature new music, but traditional repertoire will also be featured.  

July 6 at 7pm (Rafael Scarfullery (Watch Concert Video here)
August 3 at 7pm Rafael Scarfullery (Watch Concert Video here)
September 9 from 9am-10pm 2017 Charlottesville Classical Guitar Festival & Competition. Watch all concerts: Candice Mowbray, Jeremy Bass, Erica Cha, Rafael Scarfullery, Matt Palmer. Watch the 3 competition winners: Anna Leone, Maya Loncar, Jan Marie Laman.
October 5
at 7pm (Rafael Scarfullery) (Watch concert video)

November 2 at 7pm (Anna Leone)
December 7 at 8pm (Rafael Scarfullery, Christmas music program)
February 1 at 7pm (Milen Parashkevov)
March 1 at 7pm (Humberto Sales)
April 5 at 7pm (Greg Brown)
May 3 at 7pm (TBA)
June 7 at 7pm (TBA)

 This concert series is organized by the classical guitarist and composer from Charlottesville, Rafael Scarfullery.

Goals of the Concert Series:
1. To share new classical guitar compositions. 
2. To encourage study of the guitar.
3. To support the Charlottesville Classical Guitar Festival & Competition.
4. To promote local classical guitarists.
5. To raise the classical guitar performance level in Charlottesville.
6. To bring top classical guitarists to Charlottesville.
7. To support the Classical Guitar Orchestra.
8. To encourage classical guitar chamber music with other instruments.


Copyright 2017 Rafael Scarfullery